Tsunashima Matsuri


Tsunashima Matsuri (綱島諏訪神社例大祭, tsunashimasuwajinja reitaisai) is local festival at Tsunashima in the end of August. Matsuri start at noon and it will keep up until night. There are about 14 Mikoshi and people carry Mikoshi from the Suwa Shrine and travels around Tsunashima town. There are many food stands.

Tourist Info.
There are many food stands.

1. at Yokohama Station
2. use Tokyu Toyoko Line to Tsunashima (10 min.)


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Tsunashima Matsuri

This is the biggest even in Tsunashima. There are about 14 Mikoshi and many food stands which have great Matsuri delicacies and entertainments. In this festival, even you don't live Tsunashima, you can still join. At the Suwa Shrine which is the center of this festival, they borrow Hanten, which is Matsuri costume so that you can carry Mikoshi.