Gujo Summarized


Gujo (郡上) is a castle town located in the middle of Gifu Prefecture. The city of Gujo is surrounded by mountains. It is well known as the castle town with pure water and dance. There are many traditional houses including a castle. The scenery of castle town is well preserved and offers great time traveling to Edo Period. Also, the pure water from springs, canal and river give tourist very peaceful moment. The history and tradition, such as Gujo Odori, of over 400 years still live in Gujo.

Tourist Info.
There are many parking.
Downtown is very small and all spots are walking distance.

0. at Minoshi Station.
1. use Etsuminan Line to GujoHachiman (44 min.)
2. use local bus to downtown.


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Gujo Summarized
Gujo-Hachiman Castle
... is the symbol of Guji. Gujo-Hachiman Castle is a mountain castle built in 1559. All the stone walls are registered as historical assets of Gifu. Current Tenshu-kaku was reconstructed in 1933. On the top floor of Tenshu-kaku, you can enjoy great view of Gujo city.

Castle town: Shokunin-town and Kajiya Town
Literary means, town of craftman and black smith. This area remains great view of Edo Castle Town.
The canals of their streets were built in 1660, and people still use them. They were used to be a fire-protection.

This spring water is called Sogisui. Gujo is also famous for its pure water. This water is first registered 100 best water.

Yanaka mizu no Komichi
... is a small street which is considered as one of the best scenery of Gujo. This is like the view of Kyoto with pure water. The floor of this street use 80,000 stones from Nagaragawa River and Yoshida River.

Okumino Omodaka House Craft work Museum
This has many great collections of local craft works and arts. Front side is a used Kimono Shop and backside of the shop has Kura, the storages, are used for the museum.

Saitou Museum
... is one of remaining merchant house of Gujo. It is registered as National historical important assets. Saito Family was very powerful merchant. They are also very famous Tea masters. In this museum, there are many tea related art and works.

Popular Souvenir of Gujo
Fake Foods.
Gujo Tsumugi, silk weaving for Kimono.
GUjo Honzome, traditional coloring.

Other Attraction
Gujo Odori Dance.