Kamakura Shichifukujin


Kamakura Shichifukujin (鎌倉七福神) is traveling 7 temples and shrines that enshrines each 7 different gods. It is very popular tourism in Japan. In Shichifukujin tour, you will visit and correct Gosyuin, the special sign and stamp of temple or shrine.
There is a special paper for collecting Gosyuin. That paper with full of Gosyuin is considered as the very lucky item to keep.
It is great way to enjoy your travel. At the end it has a special gift for your good luck.

Tourist Info.
The paper is 1,000 yen.
Each Gosyuin is 300 yen.
There are 7 temple-shrine and one additional shrine at Enoshima.

Starts at Kitakamakura Station and finish at Enoshima Line Hase Station.
Total length is about 5km long.


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周围的地图 Kamakura Shichifukujin


Kamakura Shichifukujin

Kamakura Shichifukujin Tour is traveling 7 temple-shrine that enshrine 7 lucky gods. Shichifukujin tour is one of the very popular tourism in Japan. Collecting Gosyuin in a special paper is very fun and this good luck paper is great gift for you.

Tour starts at Kitakamakura Station.


Jochiji Temple (Hoteison)
enshrines Hoteison. Hotei is Zen priest who existed in China during 10th century. His real name is Kaishi.
Hotei has a huge abs and great smile. He has a fan called Bashosen and like Daikoku, he has a lucky bag.

This temple was established in 1281.


Tsurugaoka Hachiman Shrine (Benzaiten)
enshrines Bezaiten. Benzaiten is the only Goddess in 7 Lucky Gods. She was originally Indian Goddess. Because she carries a guitar, people think she is the god of entertainment. However, she is actually a god of water. Benten Shrine in Japan always located near water.

Bentendo shrine is located in the island of the pond of Hachiman Shrine. Hachiman Shrine was established by Minamoto no Yoritomo and used to be the center of the Japanese government in Kamakura period.


Hokaiji Temple (Bisyamonten)
enshrines Bisyamonten. Bisyamonten is Indian God of War. It is also known as Tamonten in Japan. He is not only the god of war, but also the god of treasure and wealth. He wears yellow armor, a tower on left hand and a spear on right hand.He is stepping on the evil with his angry face.

This temple was established in 1334.


Myoryuji Temple (Jurojin)
enshrines Jurojin. Jurojin is the founder of Taoism. It's the wizard who turned out from Laozi. He wears a cute cap, and has a long stuff and a deer as partner.

This temple was established in 1385.


Hongakuji Temple (Ebisu)
enshrines Ebisu. Ebisi is lucky god with a fishing pole on right hand,and red bream on left hands. Ebisu is the only Japanese God in 7 Lucky Gods.

This temple was established in 1436.


Hase Temple (Daikokuten)
enshrines Daikokuten. Daikokuten has a hammer with right hand, and a lucky bag on left hand. Then, he stands on two straw rice bags. He is the combination gods of Indian god and Japanese god.

It was established in 736 and one of the oldest temple in Kamakura. There is a 9.18m tall beautiful Kannon statue in this temple.


Goryo Shrine (Fukurokuju)
enshrines Fukurokuju. Fukurokuju is Laozi in China. His name is made from, Fuku of Lucky, Roku of wealth, Ju of eternal life. He has long head, long beard, stuff and his parter crane.

This shrine enshrines the founder of Kamakura, Kamakura Kagemasa.


Finish at Hase Station of Enoshima Line.

Note: Video travels with trains. So it shows different route.

To complete the Shichifukujin Tour, there is one more shrine at Enoshima.