Tokyo Garden Sakura Tour

When you are visiting Tokyo in April, Sakura welcomes your visit. If you want to know the best way to travel Tokyo during Sakura season, check out MLJ Sakura Tour Vol.01 "Tokyo Japanese Garden Sakura Tour." Japanese Garden always decorate a beautiful Sakura, especially Rikugien Garden has the best Sakura in Tokyo. This tour starts at Yasukuni Shrine that is one of the most famous Sakura Spot in Tokyo. When Sakura of Yasukuni Shrine blooms, people consider that Sakura of Tokyo bloom. Then, travel to Sotbori Park. Sotobori Park is ruins of outer moat of Edo Castle and has great Sakura Avenue along the moat. It leads to Koishikawa Korakuen. Korakuen Garden is one of the most beautiful Japanese garden in Tokyo. There are many beautiful old Sakura. Then, you walk to Rikugien Garden. On the way to Rikugien Garden, visit Harimazaka that has a beautiful Sakura Ave. Rikugien garden has the best Sakura in Tokyo. Sweeping Sakura of Rikugien is 70 year-old Sakura.
It is the main feature of Rikugien. It's a 13m tall huge Sakura. It is just breathtaking. Rikugien open until 9pm for enjoy lighten up Sakura during the season. If you are traveling Tokyo in April, check out These Tokyo gardens to enjoy beauty of Japanese spring.

Takes entire day by walking.
All waking Start at: Kudanshita Station -5min.- Yasukuni Shrine -5min.- Sotobori Park -20min.- Koishikawa Korakuen -20min.- Harimazaka -30min.- Rikugien

Hanami at Rikugien


Shidare-Zakura, the weeping cherry, at Rikugien is one of the most famous Sakura Trees in Tokyo. In early April, it blooms beautiful flowers. Many people enjoy at Rikugien for the arrival of Spring. At night, it has a beautiful light-up Sakura, Yozakura when it blooms.

Tourist Info.
Addmission: 300 yen for adults, 150 yen for kids.
Opens: 9:00 to 17:00, but for the light-up season, they open until 21:00.

0. at Ikebukuro Station
1. use JR Yamanote line to Komagome (6 min.)
2. walk south (3 min.)