Kumano Sanzan

Kumano Sanzan is the name of three top Kumano Shrines (Kumano Hongu Taisya, Kumano Nachi Taisya and Kumano Hayatama Taisya). It is located in southern Wakayama Prefecture. Kumano Sanzan is one of the most respected shrines and considered as the most sacred location in the history of Japan. The sacred pass at Kumano appears in Japanese Myth, and the Yata Crow of Kumano Shrine is considered as the messenger of God and lead us to the victory. Worshiping those three sacred shrines have been very popular since Heian, and done by many people including the imperial family, nobles, Samurai and citizens. The faith of Kumano is still highly respected. The worshiping pass and these three shrines are designated as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

When you worship at Kumano Sanzan, you will feel the beautiful sprits of nature, and that is the reason that Kumano Sanzan considered as the most sacred place in Japan. If you try walking though the old pass of Kumano, you can even feel the history of Japan. Also, at Nachi Taisya, don't miss Nachi Falls that is the one of three major waterfalls in Japan.

Kumano Hongu Shrine


Kumano Hongu Shrine (熊野本宮大社) is one of three Kumano Grand Shrines. There are thousands of Kumano Shrines in Japan, and this is the most important of them. Located in Wakayama Prefecture, the shrine was established over 2,000 years ago and it enshrines twelve gods of Kumano Gongen. The main god of the shrine is Ketsumimikonoookami, and Yata Crow, the three-legged crow, is the messenger of this god. As the one of great historic sites of Kumano, it is registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. To worship at Kumano was highly respected and many people including emperors have prayed at this shrine.

Visitor's Info.
Parking and restrooms are available.

0. Travel to Shingu Station.
1. use the local bus service to Kumano Hongudaisha.