Fujisan as the World Heritage Site

Mt. Fuji is the symbol of Japan. Now Mt. Fuji is designated as the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its registered name is "Fujisan, sacred place and source of artistic inspiration." Mt. Fuji is the most important wonder in Japan, and its pure faith of sacred place, source of artistic inpiration and scenic beauty are qualified as the world heritage site. Mt. Fuji was highly respected as the sacred mountain even before the history of Japan was recorded. Even today, people still respect Mt. Fuji and never lost the value of sacred place and artistic inspiration.

The Summit of Mt.Fuji


The Summit of Mt.Fuji (富士山頂) is the highest place in Japan. The altitude of the summit is 3776m from the sea level. It is called “Kengamine(剣ケ峰)” of Mt.Fuji. The flat land area which is surrounding the volcanic cone of Mt.Fuji is called 10th station which considered as the top of Mt.Fuji. The altitude of 10th station is 3720m from the sea level.

Tourist Info.
There is Sengenshrine at Fujinomiya Route, and Kusushi Shrine at Yoshida Route. A post box is placed at Fujinomiya Rout side. Walking around the volcanic cone takes 90 min.