Meet the real sword master, Masaki Yamakoshi Sense

Yamakoshi Masaki Sensei

MLJ presents the one of the greatest contemporary sword master in Japan: Masaki Yamakoshi-sensei, the 20th grand master of Muso Jikiden Eishin-ryu Yamauchi Style. He had over 43 years of experience with Iaido, the sword art. To capture his beautiful sword skills, we video is taped with super slow motion camera. See and feel the real master’s movement.

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“Sword fighting is an art, and it must be beautiful Esaid Yamakoshi-sensei. As such, his sword is not only real and deadly, but also beautiful. His swing of the sword, posture, footwork and sprits captures eyes of the all audience and impress them with beautiful masterpiece of sword works. But he still pursues the truth of the real sword fighting.

Practicing with a wooden sword

Yamakoshi-sensei teaches Muso Jikiden Eishin-ryu at Butokuden, Kyoto, and travels all over for his students around Japan. He teaches attentively to let his students feel and experience the sword. His school of sword is characteristic that the disciples first must lean all Kata, the form and posture. Only after that, in the advanced training, he teaches all secrets and logics behind all kata

Teaching is very practical
to make them real and practical. This is the traditional teaching style that has history of over 400 years. However, the most important principal of his sword style is learning how to survive at the sword fighting situation, and at the real life.

Every person who participates in any kinds of martial arts, not limited to the art of sword, can learn what is the truth of Budo and how to reach it.
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