Happy New Year 2014

Diamond Fuji as Hatsuhinode

Happy New Year 2014! Thank you for Checking out MustLoveJapan. This year we will offer more great video for you. The first video we offer you is the Diamond Fuji at Ryugadake. It is the first Sunrise that became Diamond Fuji. This will be the most lucky thing to see in the New Year's days. So, we'd like to offer this great video with you.

Mt. Katsuragi

Also, Mt. Katsuragi is our latest update for the great view point of Mt. Fuji. It is very easy to access and has a great view of Mt. Fuji and Suruga Bay.

In Japan, Mt. Fuji is the most lucky object to see at first of the year. If you have not seen Mt. Fuji, yet, please check out our Mt.Fuji view spots, and see great Mt. Fuji. If you can't visit there, please watch our video of Mt. Fuji and experience the great Mt.Fuji.

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