Be ready for Sakura and Hanami

Mizumoto Park

It is already the middle of March and soon Sakura, cherry blossom, will bloom. Have you decided where you are going to have Hanami Party? There are so many Sakura Spots around Tokyo, and it is very hard to decide where to held Hanami party. MustLoveJapan will introduce some of the great test Sakura spots that have splendid view of Sakura, but not well known. Mizumoto Parkis the largest park in Tokyo. About 1,300 Sakura trees are planted on its bank. It is a breath taking view with full of Sakura.

Omiya Park

Omiya park in Saitama is one of the popular Hanami Spots in Saitama. There are 1,200 Sakura trees. There is open grass field for Hanami Party. During the season, there are many food stands open so that you don't have to bring too many food for your Hanami Party. Moto Ara River is also another popular Sakura spots in Koshigaya. There are 350 Sakura on the riverside. Just like Omiya, there are food stands open during Hanami Season.

Honmoku Park

If you live around Yokohama, Honmoku Park is one of the great spot for Hanami party. There is no food stand in this park, but it has a beautiful red Sakura. This Sakura bloom little earlier than Somei-Yoshino, the most common Sakura planted in Japan. This beautiful Red Sakura can be seen at Shinyokohama as well.

The arrival of Spring is one of the most beautiful scenes in Japan. Enjoy Sakura and Spring.

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