Enjoy Valley with Great Waterfalls!

Kawazu nanadaru

Japan is in a raining season. It's not just an Ajisai's season. It's also great time to check out waterfalls. MustLoveJapan introduces excellent valleys with waterfalls.

If you want to enjoy valley hiking and Onsen at the same time. Check out Kawazu's seven waterfalls at Izu Peninsula. This Kawazu hiking course takes just about one hour and you can enjoy 7 beautiful waterfalls. There are also several waterfalls nearby Kawazu, such as Joren Falls, which is one of 100 best waterfalls in Japan.

Shoji Falls

Shoji Falls and Ishiutorogawa Valley is what MustLoveJapan strongly recommend to one day hiking. They are located on Minami Alps which has great nature, and Ishiutorogawa Valley has so many beautiful rivers and waterfalls. Shoji Falls is one of 100 best waterfalls in Japan and the highest falls in eastern half of Japan, 121m high. It is not easy access, but is worth it.

Ryuka Falls

Shiobara Valley has also a great hiking courses with numerous waterfalls. There are about 100 waterfalls in this valley. Ryuka Falls is one of the greatest waterfalls in Shiobara Valley. It is as beautiful as Kegon Falls in Nikko. In the hiking courses, there are many cable suspension bridges, and you can enjoy excellent view of the river and mountains. Shiobara is also famous for its Onsen. Enjoy walking and relax at Onsen.

Enjoy Japanese waterfalls and Onsen.
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