Lake Towada 各地旅遊



Lake Towada is one of the most beautiful lakes located between Akita and Aomori Prefecture. It is the 12th largest lake in Japan and chosen as national scenic beauty and a natural monument. Lake Towada is a crater lake that was used to be the volcano. Therefore, it is surrounded by the great mountains. The altitude of the lake is about 400m from the sea level and deepest spots is about 326m deep. There are many camp sites and tourist spots that make it as one of the most popular travel spots in Japan. Oirase that is located at this lake is one of the best valleys in Japan.

交通动线 Lake Towada

By Car

From Aomori. Use 103 to 102 to Lake Towada.

By Train

Use a local Bus from Aomori Station or Misawa Airport to Yakiyama Bus Station.

Oirase Valley

地区分怖 Aomori