Oga Peninsula 各地旅遊



Oga Peninsula (男鹿半島) is located in Akita. It is surrounded by Sea of Japan. Oga Peninsula is very famous for Namahage. Namahage is Akita's Ogre. It is also famous for sacred mountains. The coastal like of Oga Peninsula are formed with many unique rocks. Those rocks are considered as 100 best view of Japan. It has also a nice Onsen.

交通动线 Oga Peninsula

By Car

Use Tohoku Express Way to Akita Express Way. Exit at Showa-Oga Hanto.

By Train

Use Tohoku Shinkansen to Morioka Station. Change Akita Shinkansen to Akita Station. Change JR Ouu Line to Oiwake Station. Change JR Oganamahage Line to Oga Station.

Namahage Museum

地区分怖 Akita