Fukui 各地旅遊



Fukui is the former land of Echizen which located northern Fukui Prefecture. This area is categorized the special heaver snow country. The eastern cities such as Ono are one of the heaviest snow spots in Japan. There are many historic sites in Fukui, especially for big fan of Sengoku period. Ichijodani is the great ruins of the former capital of Echizen. It restored the castle town of Sengoku period. Also, there are many castles including Maruoka Castle which is one of 12 remaining castle made before Sengoku. Eiheiji temple is another major tourist spot in Fukui. Fukui also has many bautiful natures such as Tojinbo.

交通动线 Fukui

By Car

Use Meishin Express Way to Hokuriku Express Way. Exit at Fukui.

By Train

Use JR Tokaido Line to Maibara Station. Change JR Hokuriku Line to Fukui Station.


地区分怖 Fukui