Nihondaira Hill

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Nihondaira Hill(日本平) is one of the best 100 landscape in Japan located in Shizuoka Prefecture. It was chosen the best travel spot in Japan in 1980. On the top of the Hill, you can enjoy great view of Mt. Fuji, Shimizu port, and Suruga bay. Also, on the other size you can view great Japanese South Apine. The hill is 308m high.

Tourist Info.
There is parking and restaurant on the top of the hill. There are many tourist attractions, Golf Course, Museum, Hotels, and farm in Nihondaira.

0. Sizuoka Station
1. use local bus to Nihondaira

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Nihondaira Hill

This is the one of the best spot for viewing Mt.Fuji. You can also enjoy Ume and Sakura Garden for spring flowers. There is Toshogu Shrine which enshrined Ieyasu Tokugawa who is the first Shogun of Edo period.

The name of Nihondaira is come from the Japanese myth of Yamatotakerunomikoto (日本武尊). This is where he used Kusanagi Sword to survive from fire attacking from barbarians. After he escape from the fire by his sword, he conquer the eastern area and stand on this Nihondaira Hill.

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