Mt.Fuji ViewPoints

Just see and feel Mt. Fuji. There is only one way to understand the greatness of Mt. Fuji. You must see it by your own eyes. Check out those great view spots of Mt. Fuji where MLJ offers. Those are the best veiw spots you can see Mt. Fuji. Even you have visited and watched Mt.Fuji, one time will not even enough to see the wonderful faces which Mt. Fuji presents. In all seasons even by monthly, Mt. Fuji has different faces. Morning view, daytime view and evening view are also different. There are millions of view spots, and MLJ selected and represent those for the previewing Mt. Fuji.
Check out MLJ videos first, and then, see and feel it by your own body and mind.

Diamond Fuji at Mt. Ryugadake

Informasi Wisata

Diamond Fuji at Mt Ryugadake (ダイヤモンド富士初日の出) happens on New Year's Day. The phenomenon of the sun seeming to rise out of the summit of Mt Fuji is called Diamond Fuji. It is the most popular the New Year's sunrise spot in Japan. Mt Ryugadake is a popular hiking spot located in Yamanashi prefecture and is 1,485m high.

Tourist Info.
There is parking as well as restrooms at the Lake Motosu Campsite. It takes two hours to walk to the top of the mountain, but many people visit to see this event on New Year's day so it will be very crowded.

There is no public transport operating at this time of night, so you need a car. The parking area is located at Lake Motosu.

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