Nagao Mt. Pass

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Nagao toge (長尾峠 mt. pass) is located right between Shizuoka Prefecture and Kagawa Prefecture where you can have great views of Mt. Fuji.
This area is one of the three best mountain pass view of Mt.Fuji. There are many hiking courses attached with this pass. Because the traffic is low, you will have great driving here and having a great view of Mt.Fuji with quiet moment.
Tourist Info.
There are a few parking spots to hiking courses. In the case you need a bathroom, there is a couple of Tea stores in this pass.
You need a car to get here.
0. at Kōzu St..
1. take rout 138 to Hakone (30 min.)
2. take 736 south (20 min.)

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Nagao Mt. Pass

Nagao Toge is a part of Mt. Hakone, about 911m height. There is a toll road, Hakone Skyline which is the one of the greatest drive way at Hakone. Nagao Toge is know as the one of three view points of Mt. Fuji, but also you could enjoy view of Lake Ashino and Mt. Hakone.