Hatsumoude at Kawasaki Taishi

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Kawasakitaishi Temple (川崎大師平間寺) is 2nd most famous temple/shrine for New Year Worship (Hatsumode) in Japan. About 3 million visitors visit this temple on New Year's Days.

Good for:
Good Health and no disaster

New Year Events:
0:00 am on New Year's Day
01/20~21 the first worship

Visitors Info.
Parking for 700 cars.

0. at Kawasaki Station
1. use Keikyu Daishi Line (4 min.)
2. walk west (8 min.)

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Hatsumoude at Kawasaki Taishi

It is one of the most famous temple for Hatsumode in Japan. It is Shingon Style Buddhism Temple open in 1128. It is very famous for Protecting from disaster. 11th Tokugawa Shogun visit this temple for his luck. There are many temples in Kawasakitaishi and many of those are historically very important.

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