Hatsumoude at Samukawa Shrine

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Samukawa Shrine (寒川神社) is one of the popular spot for Hatsumode in Kanagawa. About 400,000 visitors visit this shrine for New Year Worship on New Year's Day. It is very famous for great decoration on the gate with the year of Eto Animal. In night, inside of the shrine including the decoration will be lighten up.

Good for:
Opening Luck, Protecting all bad fortunes from land, direction, family, traffic and bad luck year.

New Year Events:
12/31~01/01 New Year's eve Ceremony
01/01 New Year's worship

Tourist Info.
There are many parking around this Shrine.

0. at Kozu Station
1. use JR Tokaido Line to Chigasaki (18 min.)
2. use JR Sagami Line to Miyayama (11 min.)
3. walk south (5 min.)

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Hatsumoude at Samukawa Shrine

Samukawa Shrine is found in 927. It is the only major shrine in Sagami 13 shrines. Many famous Samurai's visit this shrine for their fortune.

Enshrined Gods:

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