Tokyo Gardens

Check out the beautiful Japanese Gardens in Tokyo. Tokyo is not just the big city. There are many historical and beautiful gardens. They offer you not only the quiet and peaceful moment, but also all of them are actually historical site form old period. The Imperial Palace outer garden and Kitanomaru Park are used be a part of Edo Castle. Therefore, you can still see many buildings from the castle. Shinjuku-gyoen which has great Japanese style garden is also another famous garden located right next to Shinjuku. All of those Tokyo gardens are not modern garden which built in recent days. They are gardens from Edo period. So, visit those Tokyo gardens to relax and feel the history at the same time.

Imperial Palace Outer Garden

Informasi Wisata

Imperial Palace Outer Garden (皇居外苑, kokyogaien, kokyo gai en) is located the center of Tokyo. It is part of the Imperial Palace, but it widely opened for public since 1949. It was used be Edo Castle for Tokugawa Shogun. Therefore many historical buildings are still parts of the palace and garden. In Imperial Palace Outer Garden, there are many great gates such as Sakurada-mon, Sakashita-mon, Kikyo-mon, and Oote-mon. Also, many keep towers, Fushimi-yagura, Fujimi-yagura and Tatsumi-yagura. With those great buildings from Edo Castle, You can feel the Edo period was like.

Tourist Info.
There are many restriction to use this park, and police are all over. Not a kind of park where you can have family B.B.Q.

0. at Tokyo Station.
1. walk west (10 min.)

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