Lotus in Kanto

Here is a list of Lotus spot in Kanto. Lotus blooms early in Summer. It is considered as the pureness and mercy of Buddha in Buddhism because it bloom a beautiful flowers from dirty clay.

Shinobazu Pond

Informasi Wisata

Shinobazu Pond (不忍池) is a pond located in Ueno Park. There are three ponds and in the middle of the ponds, there are Benen Island and its shrine. Shinobazu Pond is very popular for its Lotus. During the middle of July, all ponds except boat pond are covered by huge green leaves and beautiful Lotus flowers.

Tourist Info.
There is a parking.
Boat riding: Low Boat 600 yen per hour. Cycling Boat, 600 per 30min. Swan Boat: 700 yen per 30min.

0. at Ueno Station
1. walk west (10 min.)

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