Jingu, the Gland Shrines

Jingu (神宮) is the grand shrines, the highest rank of Japanese Shintoism. They are related with the Japanese myth and emperors.
Compare to the other shirnes, Jingu is a huge shrine with forest.
Those forest had been sanctuary for over thousands of years. They have great shrines with beautiful natures. Japanese Shrines are the great combination of Nature and sacred art of architectures. They are the part of Japanese History.

Kotai Jingu, or Ise Jingu Naiku

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Kotai Jingu, or Ise Jingu Naiku (皇大神宮) is the Grand shrine of Ise located in Ise, Mie prefecture. Historically, Jingu has held the most honored place among all Shinto sanctuaries. It is considered to be the spiritual home of the Japanese people, most of whom wish to make a pilgrimage to Jingu at least once during their lifetime. In fact, more than six million pilgrims and worshipers come to Jingu every year.

Visitors Info.
There is parking.

0. at Iseshi Station
1. use local bus to Isejingu Niku

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