Februrary in Japan has lot of snow


Februrary in Japan has a lot of snow at the northern region and sea of Japan side. There are many places where you can enjoy great scenery with snow in Hokuriku Rigion. Kenrokuen Garden is one of the best Japanese garden in Japan. Kenrokuen is located in kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture. It is already a beautiful garden in any season, but Kenrokuen garden with snow is the best time to see. Yukizuri, the snow protection for trees, are beautiful decorations. The art of Japanese tradition and culture is in this garden.

Kanazawa castle

Kanazawa castle is another main feature of Ishikawa. It is located right next to Kenrokuen Garden. It is also very beautiful castle under snow. It has all traditional technology for building against heavy snow and cold weather. Namakokabe walls, the snow proof walls, and white walls offers great texture in the castle.

Samurai Residence

Kanazawa also has a great samurai residence. It has a great scenery of Edo period and Samurai Houses. There are three Samurai Houses that constructed in Edo period. They show the real life of Samrurai. Feel how cold it was used to be living in Samurai life in Edo period.

Februrary in Japan has lot of snow. Enjoy snow!

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