Check out Edo Style Towns around Tokyo


Edo Style Town is another feature you can enjoy traveling around Tokyo. Kawagoe is the most famous Edo Style town around Tokyo. It is also known as "Kurazukuri." Kura is Japanese traditional storage. Because Kura is fireproof building made from soil, those Kura are still in use. Those Kura used also store is called Misegura. Kawagoe still has many Misegura which give tourist shopping in Edo Period.


Tochigi, Yuki and Koga also have many Misegura remaining from Edo Period. These spots are located very close so that you can travel all in one day. Tochigi has lots of Kura and some of them are opened for travelers. Yuki has also a traditional weaving called "Yuki tsumugi." At Tsumugi no Yakata, you can experience weaving and coloring.


If you are traveling by car and looking for Edo Style Town, MustLoveJapan also recommend visit Makabe. Makabe is an ordinarily town with lots of Edo Style buildings including Kura. Those houses are actively used for long time and still in great condition. If you are looking for real remaining Edo Style buildings, Makabe has lots to offer.

There are many interesting spots around Tokyo. Edo Style town is one of the way to enjoy travel around Tokyo!

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