Bonsai, the Traditional Japanese Beauty!

Bonsai Village

Do you know there is a village where everything is Bonsai? It's called Bonsai Village. It is located northern Omiya, and all about in that Village is Bonsai.

Bonsai is a Japanese traditional art form using small trees grown in small container called Hachi. Bonsai represents the one's universe and season in private space.


Toju-en Garden is one of Bonsai Garden of Bonsai Village. There are hundreds of Bonsai displayed. They have also Bonsai School to teach you how to take care and grow Bonsai.

By learning Bonsai art, you will understand the fundamental of Japanese Beauty, called "Wabi" "Sabi." "Wabi" "Sabi" is the most important emotional sense to understand all Japanese arts. Bonsai tells you what are those senses by watching and listing Bonsai!

See, feel and experience Traditional Japanese Beauty at Bonsai Village.

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