It's Obon in Japan!

Bon Odori Matsuri

Obon is one of the most important Japanese religious event. In the middle of August, all Japanese ancestors visit their descendants and enjoy the moment. That is called Obon. During Obon, there are Bon Odori Matsuri everywhere in Japan. Bon Odori is a dance festival which everyone can easily join and enjoy. MLJ will introduce how to dance Bon Odori the basic and the advanced. Watch these and jump into the circle of Bon Odori.

Marunouchi Ondo

Marunouchi Ondo is the biggest Bon Odori Matsuri coming on August 19th and 20th at Hibiya Park. The platform will be the fountain. Marunouchi Ondo has the largest platform in Tokyo Bon Odori and hundreds of people dance Bon Odori together.

Yagura stage

Roppongi Hills has great Bon Odori Matsuri on 19th and 20th. In this Matsuri, you can enjoy high class Food Stands which come from the restaurants of Roppongi Hills. Narita-san Shinshoji Temple also has Bon Odori Matsuri on 23rd and 24th. Of course, Yokohama has one on 19th and 20th, too.

Until the end of August and sometime in September, there are many Bon Odori Matsuri, so join Japanese summer!
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