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Izumo is one of the most important place in Japan. It is considered as the land of Japanese god. The history of Izumo goes back to the period of Japanese Myth. Not only the grand Shrine of Izumo, but also there are many related spots of Japanese Myth in Izumo. Many places are appeared in "Nihonshoki." Also, Matue has a real castle. Matsue Castle is one of 12 existent remaining castles, and it has also Samurai House. So, there are many middle age historic site as well. North side of this area has Sea of Japan, and south side is Chugoku Mountains. Moreover, it surrounds Lake Shinji, so there are many nature spots as well.

Akses Izumo-Matsue

By Car

Use Sanyo Express Way to Onomichi Express Way to Matsue Express Way to Sanin Express Way. Exit at Izumo.

By Train

Use JR Tsuyama Line to Tsuyama Station. Change JR Inbi Line to Tottori. Change JR Sanin LIne to Izumoshi Station.

Izumo Oyashiro

Area Distribusi Shimane