Meet Takeda Shingen

Takeda Shingen

MustLoveJapan proudly introduces Kofu city, the city of Takeda Shingen. Takeda Shingen is a hero of Yamanashi people, and one of the most famouse Daimyo, feudal load, during the Sengoku Period. He was born in 1521 and died in 1573. He fought many battles, and extended his territories to Shinano, East-Kanto, and Suruga. His army is widely considered as the strongest army during the Sengoku period.

Takeda Shrine

The Takeda shrine is located on Tsutsujigasaki House, the Shingen's house, and enshrines Takeda Shingen. Many people visit here to pray Shingen for their own victory and success. Shingen is the symbol of the victory. There are many ruins from the house, such as moat and walls, and give you the great image of how Shingen's house was used to be.

Kai Zenkoji temple

On the way to Shingen's house, there is historical path called Inishie no michi. Shingen's grave and his father Nobutora's grave are on this path. Kai Zenkoji Temple is also very important temple related to Shingen. It was built after the 2nd battle of Kawanakajima. He brought many arts and statues from Shinshu Zenkoji to protect from Kenshin. Those arts and statues which Shingen brought are still in this temple.

Houtou is the most famous food in Kofu, and it is also what Shingen's army had ate. If you want to be strong like Shingen's army, got to eat Houtou.

Feel the sprit of Shingen in Kofu and visit his related spots!!
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