Takanami Pond


Takanami Pond (高波の池) is a beautiful pond located in southern Niigata Prefecture. It is located on the Mt. Akahage. The altitude of the pond is 535m from the sea level. You can enjoy fishing, boat riding and walking around. It is surrounded by the beautiful nature. There are a campsite, a gift shop and a restaurant.

Tourist Info.
There are parking and restroom.

Need a car. Drive route 148 to the south, change to 483.

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周圍的地圖 Takanami Pond


Takanami Pond
Takanami Pond is a dam lake formed by the landslide of the northeastern slope of Mt. Akahageyama and has sharply deepened bottom. The pond is the 3rd largest in the surface are in Itoigawa, and has shoreline of 800m long. Its surface elevation is 535m above sea level, and its length and width are 300m and 125m, respectively. The average depth is 7.9m, with a maximum depth of 13m. A trail is prepared around the pond. Until the development was done as a sightseeing area, the lakeside could not be reached easily because of the thickly grown reed. Club-rush, deergrass, common reed and sedge grow as an emergent plant in the lakeside, however, a floating-leaved and a submerged plant are not seen. Japanese cedar, white willow and Japanese walnut grow around the pond. Neither of inflow and outflow rivers is seen. Instead, riverbed water is supplied to the pond. A change of the water level becomes the highest 3m in thawing term.