Kotakigawa Jade Valley


Kotakigawa Jade Valley (小滝川ヒスイ峡) is located Itoigawa, Niigata Prefecture. This rocky valley contains many Jade stones that create great scenery and green water. This Jadeite formed deep within the Earth about 500 million years ago. You can touch Jade Stone to get the power. The view of the valley with Mt. Myojo is so dynamic. You can also see the huge Jade Rocks.

Tourist Info.
There is parking and restroom.
Caution: DONOT take any Jade stone from this valley.

Need a car. Drive route 148 to the south, change to 483.

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周圍的地圖 Kotakigawa Jade Valley


Kotakigawa Jade Valley
Kotakigawa Jade Valley is the first Jade mining place in Japan. There are 83 different kinds of Jade stones in this valley. Those Jade stones are form about 500 million years ago. You can enjoy beautiful scenery with a huge rocky mountain called Mt. Myojo.

-Mt. Myojo-
A mountain of Limestone