Manners for Japanese rice

Japanese Manners and Customs

Manners at Eating Rice

This time, I'd like to introduce you three things you must not to do when you eating rice at Japanese dinning. When you are in Japan, no matter what you will eat rice unless you keep eating McDonald for every meal.

DO NOT poar soy source over rice

First, you DO NOT poar soy source over rice. Many forginers say that rice does not have any taste. Of course, rice does not. Rice is like plane canvas which take all flavers from other food. For example, there is the meat ball. You eat this, then eat rice. You will mix both in your mouth. This is the correct way to eat Japanese meal.

It is just too razy to do.

DO NOT MIX Rice and Miso Soup

The worse things you can do with rice is mixing rice and miso soup. Especially, Do not mix them together on the thrid desh like this. This is called "Nekomanma" wihch means Cat's food.

DO NOT stab your chop sticks

The worst thing and you should never do is stab your chop sticks on the top of rice like this. This means that this rice is food for dead person. You shold put always chop sticks on the holder or if you don't have this. Put your chop sticks on small desh. You can make your rice down to cat food by mixing with miso soup, so don't make it food for dead.

Those three things you must not do at Japanese meal especially at the guest house.