Sake and the Breweries

There are millions of kinds of Sake in Japan because there are thousands of Sake Breweries. Most of those Sake Breweries have many history. They spent many years of research to make the greatest Sake for you. For the big fan of Sake, MustLoveJapan introduce Sake Breweries which you can visit and tour in the breweries, and most of them have Sake tasting. Find your own favorite Sake.

Tamura Sake Brewery


Tamura Brewery (田村酒造所, tamurasyuzojo) is the one of the oldest Sake Brewery in Tokyo which opened at 1822 by Mr. Kanjiro Tamura. The name of their brand "Kasen" is named from their well water from Chichibu-Okutama water. The water is the best quality for making Sake. They still use the same well which bored about 200 years ago.
The favorite Sake in Tamura Brewery, is "Maboroshi no Sake." It is Honjozo-sake(本醸造酒). The ideal of "Maboroshi no Sake" is the best quality with reasonable price.

Tourist Info.
There are free Brewery tour with free tasting. Especially visit from Nov. to April, you can enjoy real Sake making process. You have to make an appointment for tour.

0. at Shinjuku Station
1. use JR Chuo Line (Ome Line) to Fussa (46 min.)
2. walk west (10 min.)