Hanami Spots in Tokyo

Looking for Cherry Blossom Spots around Tokyo? Here is the list of all Cherry Blossom Spots in Tokyo. Cherry Blossom, in Japanese Sakura, is one of the best feature of Spring in Japan, and Tokyo has many spots to enjoy the arrival of Spring. If you are also looking for Hanami party place around your place, check it out.

Yozakura at Ueno Park


Yozakura at Ueno Park (上野公園夜桜) is one of the best way to enjoy Sakura at Night. Ueno Park is located in Ueno, Tokyo. It is one of the most popular Sakura spot in Tokyo. There are 800 Sakura trees that bloom in early April. On the weekend, people gather here and have hanami party. The light of lanterns keeps until 8pm for night party as well. It is called Yozakura.

Tourist Info.
Light-up until 20:00.

0. Ueno station.
1. walk (3 min.)