Okayama, the birthplace of Momotaro


MustLoveJapan has visited Okayama in Chugoku Region. Now MLJ proudly introduce the falktale of Momotaro. Momotaro is the most famous falk tale in Japan. The story of Momotaro was based on the legend of Kibitsuhiko no Mikoto, who was the royal price and the general of Sanyo-do. The legend of Kibitsuhiko no Mikoto appears in Japanese myth. There are many related spots in Okayama which also related to the story of Momotaro.

Kibitsu Shrine

According to the legend of Okayama, there was Ogre called Ura. Ura was evil price of Ogre who came from Kudara. Ura built the Kino Castle on the top of Mt. Kinojo and kept robbing and kidnapping people of the land of Kibi. Kibitsuhiko raised his army with three generals to defeat Ura. Kibitsuhiko defeated Ura and sealed Ura under the steal pot of Kibitsu Shrine.

Kino Castle

This legend became the story of Momotaro. Kibi-Dango which carried by Momotaro is now popular sweets in Okayama.

If you like the history and the story of Momotaro, please visit and enjoy traveling Momotaro spots in Okayama.
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