Usable Japanese Lesson.

MLJ's new Feature

If you want to learn a usable and practical Japanese, why don’t you try MLJ Japanese lessons. MLJ proudly offers the usable Japanese which you can apply immediately in real Japanese situation. Every week, MLJ provides new lessons which have different situations and topics from typical and real lives in Japan. MLJ lessons also cover not only friends words, but also business words, polite words, and Samurai words in case you are Samurai!

Learn veriety of Japanese

MLJ Japanese lessons will all aspects of Japanese situation. In Japanese, there are the male way, the female way, business way and polite way of speaking. Some times, when you make a little mistake on these, it might cause a serious relationship problem later. Also, if you are Samurai, then you must know the correct way of speaking Samurai Japanese.

Any style, polite or friendly

In the lessons of MustLoveJapanese, you will learn how to speak Japanese in various kinds of situation. Learning Japanese from the actual conversation by Japanese people are the best way to learn Japanese. That’s what MLJ offers you, the real Japanese conversation.

Join MLJ and let's learn Japanese.

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