It's Summer! Time to enjoy Fireworks!

Katsushika Fireworks

Hanabi Matsuri, Fireworks Festivals, are the most common festival during the summer. Yes, Japanese love fireworks and there are thousands of fireworks festivals all over Japan.

If you are in Tokyo this week, here is couple of Fireworks we recommend. On monday 26, Katsushika Fireworks Festa, at Edo River, Shibamata. It has 10,000 fireworks will be fired in the sky.

The Adachi FIreworks at Ara River at Adachi happens on Thursday 29. It has 12,000 fireworks. It is Niagara Fireworks are one of the famous feature of this festival. Finish with the Starmin, 4,000 fireworks in 5 mins.


At the last day of July, Saturday 31, the most famous fireworks festival in Tokyo, Sumida River Fireworks Festival happens at Sumida River, Asakusa. About 20,000 fireworks will be fired into the sky. The history of Sumida Fiver Fireworks begins since 1733. It is the history of Hanabi Matsuri in Tokyo. About one million people join this festival. There are two firing spots. So, find your special spot for this art of fire.

Enjoy Hanabi and Japanese Summer!
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