Visit the Birth Place of Shinsengumi

Toshizo Hijikata

Attention, all Samurai Lovers! May 11th is the day Toshizo Hijikata, the second chief commander of Shinsengumi, fell in battle at Fort Gorokaku 140 years ago, which also meant the end of Shinsengumi. It’s one of the most dramatic moments of Japan history: the end of Edo Period, or "Bakumatsu." This week at Hijikata Museum, Toshizo Hijikata’s Samurai sword (和泉守兼定) is displayed. There are also his armer, poems, and his practice sword are displayed. The Museum opens on 10th, 11th, and 17th from 9am to 4pm. Also visit Sekidenji Temple where Hijikata's tomb are placed.

Isami Kondo

Isami Kondo was the chief commander of Shinsengumi. Hijikata and Kondo started Shinsengumi, which brought back the true Samurai sprits to Kyoto of the "Bakumatsu," when the spirits were starting to be disintegrated. They were the sword masters of Tennenrishin-ryu but not born Samurai. Using only their swords master skill with the followers, like Soij Okita, or Hajime Saito to established the most famous Samurai force in the history of Japan. Visit the birth place of the Kondo and feel the beginning of the last Samurai. Then, visit Ryugenji Temple and pray at Kondo's tomb.

Shieikan ruin

The Shieikan Dojo is the sword school of Tennenrishin-ryu which was opened by Kondo famiy. It is located in Shinjuku, Tokyo. There are only few ruins left there, a stone columns, a shrine, and a road; but their sprits are still there. Also, visit Imado Shrine where Soji Okita passed away.

If you are a big fan of Shinsengumi or Samurai, this week is the week to remember the true last Samurai who died 140 years ago.
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