Kumano: one of the most sacred place in Japan

Nachi Falls

Kumano is one of registered UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Japan. It is located in southern Kii Peninsula. This place had been considered as the most sublime sacred place. There are three Grand Shrines of Kumano, Kumano Hongu Shrine, Kumano Nachi Shrine and Kumano Hayatama. They had been highly respected and worshiped for thousand of years by many people including imperial family, nobles, samurai and citizens. Especially, Nachi Great Falls is popular for the greatest sacred waterfalls in Japan. Their pilgrimage routes are preserved in an original condition. It offers the history.

Kumano Hongu Shrine

Those three grand Shrines are also called "Kumano-sanzan." They appears in Japanese myth, and one of the most famous mythological story, the legend of Yata Crow takes these shrines. Yata Crow is three legs crow that leads the first emperor Jimmu from Kumano to Nara for his conquer. Under the guidance of Yata Crow, emperor Jimmu had a great victory. Later, Hongu Shrine was established in this place the 10th emperor because it was considered as the most sacred place in Japan.

Hayatama Shrine

It is very important to worship all three Kumano Grand Shrines. Kumano Shrine helps salvation of our three lives. Hayatama Shrine helps the salvation of the pervious life. Nachi Shrine helps the salvation of the current life. Hongu Shrine helps the salvation of next life. Kumano Shrines are highly respected for over thousands of years.

Visit Kumano Sanzan to feel and enjoy the history of Japan.
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