A season to Enjoy hiking at beautiful valleys


All of Japanese mountains are having new green leaves and pure water from melting snow. It is the best season to enjoy Japanese mountain. MLJ offers the hiking at beautiful valley with many excellent waterfalls. Ishiutorogawa Valley has many beautiful waterfalls including Shoji Falls that is chosen as 100 best Japanese waterfalls, and pure water is coming from Minami Alps mountains. The hiking takes about 1 hr. to reach Shoji Falls and offers the rich nature and relaxation of natural water.

Mt. Mitake

Mt. Mitake is one of the best hiking spot near Tokyo Metro. It is about 2 hours from Shinjuku. So, the location is very convenient for people around Tokyo. The hiking course of Mt. Mitake is very easy. Still, it has many beautiful waterfalls and green leaves. Also, moss of this valley is splendid.

Tadachi Falls

Tadachi Falls is another beautiful valley with many waterfalls. Tadachi Falls is the name of waterfalls located in Kiso, Nagano. There are 7 waterfalls in this hiking course. At the end of the course it has a beautiful landscape of Kiso area. Tadachi Falls is also chosen as 100 best Japanese waterfalls.

May is one of the best season to enjoy nature in Japan, especially waterfalls. Enjoying nature is great way to enjoy traveling in Japan.

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