Uwajima is located south-west of Ehime Prefecture. This area faces Uwa Sea where located between Kyushu and Shikoku Island. The seaside of this area is ria coast. Therefore, fish industry is ver strong and has great sea products, especially Jako, minced fish. Eastern side is surrounded with mountains. Therefore, it has great nature spots for hiking. Uwajima also has the Uwajima castle that is the exisited original castles. Ozu also a nice castle town in this area.Also, Bullfighting is very popular entertainment in Shikoku. Also, Ushi-oni Matsuri is very crazy Matsuri that you must see.

交通動線 Uwajima

By Car

Use Sanyo Express Way to Seto Chuo Express Way to Takamatsu Express Way to Matsuyama Express Way. Exit at Uwajima-kita.

By Train

Use JR Setoohashi Line to Utazu Station. Change JR Yosan Line to Uwajima Station.

Tensha-en Garden

地區分怖 Ehime