Koyasan 各地旅游



Koyasan (高野山), or Mt. Koya, is one of the top Buddhist Sacred Place and most holy city in Japan. It is located in Northern Wakayama Prefecture. This 820m tall mountain was established by Priest Kukai, or Kobo Daishi, in 816. As Kongobuji temple as the center, there are 117 temples in this town. The tradition of Shingon Buddhism is still continued today. This sacred Town of Buddhism is registered as the UNESCO World Heritage site. There are many historic sits and national treasures of Japan.

交通動線 Koyasan

By Car

Use Hanwa Express Way. Change to Mimani Hanna Express Way to Katsuragi. 24 south to Koyasan.

By Train

Use Midosuji Line to Namba. Change Nankai Line to Gokurakubashi Station. Change to Koya Cable Line to Koyasan Station.


地區分怖 Wakayama