Ise 各地旅游



Ise is located on the east part of Kii Peninsula, and facing Ise Bay. The major cities in Ise area are Yokkaichi, Tsu, Matsuzaka, and Ise.
The most famous and important feature of Ise is Ise Jingu, the grand shrine of Ise. Many people visit the Jingu every year. Matsuzaka is also famous for its beef, called Matsuzaka Gyu.

交通動線 Ise

By Car

Use Higasi Meihan Express Way to Kise Express Way. Exit at Ise.

By Train

Use JR Kaisoku Mie Line to Iseshi Station.

Kotai Jingu, or Ise Jingu Naiku

地區分怖 Mie