Hirado Island is an island with the harmony of Samurai Art and Christian Art located in west side of Kyusyu Island. It is a part of Nagasaki Prefecture. It is used to be a castle town with the international port during early Edo period before Japan closed the border except, Holland. There are many historic site of Dutch Trading Company in old time, and church and Castle. It is very unique that has a great view of Buddhism temple and Christian Church.

交通動線 Hirado

By Car

Use Kyusyu Express Way to south. Change Nagasaki Express way to Nishikyusyu Express Way Sassa. Exit at Nagasaki.

By Train

Use Subway Airport Line to Meinohama Station. Change JR Chikuhi Line to Imari Station. Change Matsuuranishi Kyusyu Line to Tabira Hiradoguchi Station.


地區分怖 Nagasaki