Fukuyama (福山) area is located eastern Hiroshima prefecture. It was used to be called Bingo. This area is called Bingo city zone which is one of the economical centers of Chugoku region. The southern side of Fukuyama is facing to Seto Inland Sea. Kuranoura is the bay city of Fukuyama. Not only it has great sea products, it has also many historical spots. On the mountain side, there are many natures and Onsen. Fuchu is the city located in mountain side of this area. It has also great historical spots and Onsen.

交通動線 Fukuyama

By Car

Use Sanyo Express Way. Exit at Fukuyama-Higashi.

By Train

Use Sanyo Shinkansen to Fukuyama Station.


地區分怖 Hiroshima