Yoshimura House


Yoshimura House (吉村家住宅) is one of the traditional house located in Saga Prefecture. It is the oldest remaining traditional house in Saga. It was constructed in 1789. This house was used to be the rich farmer because it has bigger musts and beams to make this house strong and large. It is very important building to know the life of Saga farmer in time.

Tourist Info.
There is parking. No restroom.
Notice: This house is a private property.
1. Write your name on the visitor's list.
2. No smoking, no food, no drink
3. Do not entire the room. Watch it from the ground.
4. Close the door and window after you watch this house.

0. at Saga Station.
1. use local bus (古) to Kamimutsuro.
2. walk (5 min.)

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Yoshimura House
Yoshimura House is the oldest traditional house in Saga Prefecture. It is located in Fuji Town, Saga city. Because of its cultural value, it is designated as the important cultural assets.

This house was constructed in 1789 for the powerful farmer.
The size of this house is 15.7m wide, 7.9m deep.