Yokohama Kohoku 7 Lucky Gods


Yokohama Kohoku 7 Lucky Gods (横浜港北七福神) is one of the popular 7 lucky gods tours around Shinyokohama Station. During the new years days, you can collect the small figures and treasure boat. You can also do it with your autography papers. You can enjoy the local area of Yokohama.

Tourist Info.
There is no parking. There are many restrooms.
Stamp: 300 yen.
The figures: 400 yen.
The boat: 800 yen.
Figures are available until Jan 7.

0. at Yokohama Station.
1. use JR Yokohama Line to Shinyokohama Station.


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Yokohama Kohoku 7 Lucky Gods
This is the tour route.

Starting at Shinyokohama Station.
Walk to
Shokakuji Temple
It enshrines Daikoku. Daikokuten has a hammer with the right hand, and a lucky bag on left hand. Then, he stands on two straw rice bags. He is the combination gods of Indian god and Japanese god. Shokakuji was established in 1592.

Use JR Yokohama Line to Kikuna station. Then, walk to.

Rensyoji Temple
It enshrines Bisyamonten. Bisyamonten is Indian God of War. He is not only the god of war, but also the god of treasure and wealth. He wears yellow armor, a pagoda on the left hand and a spear in right hand. He is stepping on the evil with his angry face. Renshoji was established in 1315.

Use Tokyu Toyoko Line to Myorenji Station. Then, walk to.

Kikunaike Benten Shrine
It enshrines Benzaiten. Benzaiten is the only Goddess in 7 Lucky Gods. She was originally Indian Goddess. She is a god of water. Benten Shrine in Japan always located near water.

It is located near Myorenji Pool. There is no stuff working here. There is a phone number and if you call it, the priest comes and give you Goshuin till 16:00.

Use Tokyu Toyoko Line to Tsunashima Station. Then, walk to.

Toshoji Temple
Hotei is Zen priest who existed in China during 10th century.
Hotei has a huge bailey and great smile. He has a fan called Bashosen and like Daikoku, he has a lucky bag. If you can touch his bailey, it gives you good luck. Toshoji Temple was established in 1649.

Use Tokyu Toyoko Line to Hiyoshi Station. Then, walk to.

Kinzoji Temple
It enshrines Jurojin. Jurojin is the founder of Taoism. It's the wizard who turned out from Laozi. He wears a cute cap, and has a long staff and a deer as the partner. Kinzoji was established in 859.

Walk to Green Line Hiyoshihoncho Station. Then, use it to Takata Station. Then, walk to.

Kozenji Temple
It enshrines Fukurokuju. Fukurokuju is Laozi in China. His name is made from, Fuku of Lucky, Roku of wealth, Ju of eternal life. He has long head, long beard, staff and his partner crane. Kozenji was established in 853.

Use Green Line to Center Minami Station. Then, use Blue line to Nippa Station. Then, walk to.

Saihoji Temple
It enshrines Yebisu. Ebisi is the lucky god with a fishing pole on right hand, and red bream on left hands. Ebisu is the only Japanese God in 7 Lucky Gods. Saihoji was established in 1190.