Tsukui Castle


Tsukui Castle (津久井城) is the ruins of castle located in Tsukui Kanagawa. It was built in Kamakura Period, and popular style of mountain castle in Japan. It appears mostly during Sengoku Period as the castle of Hojo against Takeda. Today, it has great view of Lake Tsukui and Tanzawa mountains. It is one of the popular hiking spots in Sagami area.

Tourist Info.
There is a parking and restroom.

0. at Chigasaki Station
1. use JR Sagami Line to Hashimoto (58 min.)
2. use local bus to Yamashiro


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Tsukui Castle

Castle type: Mountain
Built in: Kamakura Period
Class: Ruins

Tsukui Castle was located in the very important spots because it has trees and rivers which make people easy to carry wood from the mountain. Also, this is located on the border of Kai, Musashi and Sagami.

During the Sengoku period, Hojo become the lord of Kanto Region and rebuilt stronger castle because Tsukui was right next to Kai. All the current structures remain from Hojo's castle.

In 1590, when the battle of Odawara, Tsukui Castle was attacked by 12,000 army of Honda Tadakatsu and Hiraiwa Chikayoshi and fallen.

The Honmaru is located on the top of the mountain, 375m high. There are 3 baileys and wall, paths are still remain.