Tokyo-Wan Kannon


Tokyo Wan Kannon(東京湾観音) is one of Kannon Statue located in Futtsu, Chiba. It is 56m high, and built in 1961 for the world peace by Masae Usami. The statue face the entrance of Tokyo Bay. Inside of the statue is open for everyone and at the observation stand, you can see great view of Tokyo Bay.

Visitors Info.
Admission fee: 500 yen for adult, 400 yen for minor, and 300 yen for kids.
There is group discount.
There is parking.
No pet.

0. at Kisarazu station
1. use JR Uchibo Line to Sanukicho (20 min.)
2. walk north (40 min.)
3. or use local bus to Tokyowan Kannon.

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周围的地图 Tokyo-Wan Kannon


Tokyo-Wan Kannon

Tokyo-wan Kannon was built in 1961 by Masae Usami for the world peace after WWII. It was designed by Mr. Hasegawa who is the world famous caving artiest. In the Kannon, there are many his art works are also displayed. There are 324 steps to reach the heaven world, which is the observation stand, the beautiful view at the stand give you the great peaceful moment. One of the best spot for the Sunset, especially when the air is clear, it gives you the great combination of Tokyo Bay and Mt. Fuji.

There are many event hold in this Kannon.

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