Tokyo Decadance 2008


Tokyo Decadance (東京デカダンス) is one of unique cosplay and performing club even. Not like Anime cosplay, more open and creative mixed cosplayers get gother in this event. There are Kawaii fashion, Lolita costume, sexy outfit, movie kinds character outfit, and any other interesting costumes. The concept of the event is the collaboration of Japanese unique culture and new interesting culture to make up totally new culture. If you are interested in the cosplay and crazy powerful club scene in Tokyo, check this out. They have great DJs who play cool music and there are many performers to make the event even much more interesting.

Tourist Info.
This is Tour events. If you want to join this even, keep your eyes on Tokyo-Decadance.

This time it was held at Shibuya.

Samurai Movie The Ronins New Wave Samurai Movie.


the Ronins 映画好き集まれ!

周围的地图 Tokyo Decadance 2008


Tokyo Decadance 2008

Tokyo Decadance was started at October 2005. It's all mixed, culture, country, style, dance and music event. Creating new unique culture and represent "Now" are the concepts of the event. So, every one with any concept will much and become a part of this event. This is one of the great night club event and rave party in Japan. People join this even from all over the world.

There are many interesting performers who make the show more interesting, and great DJs to back the show up. You can also enjoy checking cosplayers from all over the world, or you can enjoy doing cosplay here.