Togakushi Shrine Chusya


Togakushi Shrine Chusya (戸隠神社・中社) is the center shrine of Five Togakushi Shrines. It was built in 1098. Togakushi Shrines were originally built as temple of Sugen-do in 849. Chusya is located in the center of Togakushi area, and it has many huge cedar trees which also considered as the sacred trees which gives visitors a power of nature.

There is a parking.

0. at Nagano Station.
1. use express bus to Togakushi (1hr.)

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周围的地图 Togakushi Shrine Chusya


Togakushi Shrine Chusya

Enshrines: Yagokoroomoikanenomikoto 天八意思兼命
Sanbon Sugi: over 900 year-old Cedar Tree. The god of this shrine produced the dance and music when Amaterasu Omikami was hidden in the rock. Therefore, this god is considered as the god of knowledge and arts.