Takasaki Kannon


Takasaki Kannon(高崎白衣大観音, takasakibyakuedaikannon) is one of the symbol of Takasaki City, Gunma. It is located on the Mt. Kannon, and inside of Jiganin(慈眼院). It has 41.8m high and you can enter the inside of its body. 20 buddha statues are placed inside of the Kannon.

Visitors Info.
There is no parking. Inside of the temple, there is restroom. On the way to the temple, there are many food stands and gift shop.

0. at Shin-Maebashi Station
1. use JR Ryomo Line to Takasaki (12 min.)
2. use Gururin Bus to Takasaki Kannon (20 min.)


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Takasaki Kannon

Takasaki Kannon was built in 1936 by Mr. Inoue for bringing great and peaceful heart of Kannon, and her blessing of Kannon to the people of the world. Takasaki Kannon is loved by people in Takasaki city as the god of guardian and preserver of the city.

…is one of the Shingon Buddhist Temple and also one of the 100 eastern temples of flowers. Especially, it is beautiful in the season of Cherry Blossom. At the end of August, there is Candle Ceremony which called “Bantokai.” This ceremony was originally started during Nara period. This ceremony is praying Kannon for the reducing ones sin and success. There are over 150,00 candles will be placed around the Kannon to the main street.

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